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Final Thoughts from Relevant 2010

So, do you think I love my roommate? You can read her thoughts about the conference here and here.jncgiggle


I loved meeting Crystal {Money Saving Mom} and getting to know her better.  Small world to find out we all read each other’s blogs and didn’t know it!j-c-frugal


These 2 ladies rock, I am so honored to have met them IRL and for the time we spent together.  Sara and Tara ~ I look forward to the future ;-).

IMG_8590Sara ~ Happy Brown House,Tara ~ Mommy Missions


My good friend Jill lives close to the conference center so was able to drive in and visit for a few hours on Saturday!  It was awesome to see her and talk for awhile!  She posted about her visit here on her blog!me-c-j


I met Jen within an hour of arriving last Thursday and it was a blast getting to know her!  She is hilarious!j-c-friend


I also loved getting to know Kris {Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers} and although I didn’t get a photo with her, I did take this one!IMG_8606[3]


I was honored to sit in on small group sessions with many of these beautiful ladies below.    IMG_8600


Relevant changed me and I have spent days praying, processing, and talking with my husband {as many attendees have done}.  Ann Voskamp was the final speaker on the last night and God used her in a mighty way.  She said many wonderful things that struck my heart, but I must highlight the one that has stuck with me the most.

She spoke of how a mother duck plucks the feathers from her chest to line her nest.  She doesn’t use discarded feathers, she doesn’t use the worst, she uses the best-and this requires sacrifice.  It is my prayer that I will remember to line my home nest with the best of me, not the leftovers.

I have pages of notes from God’s words spoken through Ann, but that is the one thing that has stuck with me in the most powerful way, I have been in prayer daily over this.

I WILL be going to Relevant 2011 ~ God wiling, and am already excited about it.  It was a weekend filled with Jesus, in a way I never imagined possible at a blogging conference.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I had and pray God will allow me the opportunity again.  I hope to meet a few of you next year! 😉

If you missed my other post about Relevant 2010, you can find it here!

Batman Preschool Pack

BatMan Preschool Pack

Yup, Batman School came to our house! I had one very HAPPY little 4 year old last week!!! I shared the Preschool Pack on Facebook right after I made it {I couldn’t wait!!!}. I finally have it all ready to share on the website and blog and I must say it was very successful {translation ~ Krash LOVED IT}.

How my 4 year old grew to love Batman I will never know. We don’t watch it and honestly I think it is rather violent. We have a Lego Batman game on the Xbox and I think he might have picked up his obsession from watching Dad and Pac play that…who knows? All I know is that he adores his super hero and actually Robin is his favorite. So, it was time for a break in the normal routine so we could have a fun Batman week!

I took photos of his Batman toys {since I couldn’t find clipart online that I liked} and edited them to look like clipart. I am really happy with how it all turned out and will be doing it again!

Here’s what I caught in photos of our hours and hours of fun Batman learning time!

Ordering Batmans by size {finally this was really easy for him!} He was amazed that the Batman was HIS Batman!!!

His favorite, “catching the bad guys” {otherwise known as pre-writing practice}


Patterns with Batman and Robin…

I spelled Robin for him on his ledge {actually I had Batman and he asked me to switch it to Robin}. We also made their names using our mini foam alphabet puzzle {from Walmart}. Here he is working on his Play Doh mats…

We also made the names with our beanbags {my mom made them for us} and after that I found that he had taken ALL of our beanbags out to make a trail! 😉


He did the color-by-number ALL on his own! I gave him the correct markers and that was all, I was so amazed!

He learned the word “villain” and really liked it! Here he is sorting the good/bad guys!

Counting with Batman, I made the cards to cut apart and match up, but we never got to that, he liked putting them in order and identifying his toys on the cards!!!

He ADORED the mini book I made him, called “Heroes and Villains” and was really surprised to find HIS photo at the end of the book! Batman book

So, what did he not like? Well, for the most part, these were a flop with him…

Batman Color Memory Batman Tracing Batman letters

On the left is a color matching memory game, we played it but we hurried through it! 😉 He wasn’t too fond of the B is for Batman sheet either. I was really impressed with my Find the Letter game but he was not, oh well ~ you can’t win them all!

Probably the best memory of the week was the spontaneous activity HE initiated himself. I had a small coloring book {from Target awhile back} and he became obsessed with coloring the guys! He used his books to color them exactly the right colors and then asked me to laminate his friends!He played with these SO much!!!IMG_1041

They will be keepsakes I will always treasure! I can’t tell you how many hours he spent working on these {and we still have more that aren’t pictured!IMG_1112

It was a really fun week and he enjoyed the surprise a lot! I hope to do this more as I find time to take photos of his favorite toys and create a Preschool Pack. It really made it personal for him and he loved it!

Does your preschooler love Batman too?

You can download the Batman Preschool Pack for free!

We also have Batman Work Drawer labels!

Batman Work Drawer Labels

Tell Your Time..


While at Relevant, I was honored to hear Crystal {Money Saving Mom} speak a lot about Amy {who I didn’t personally meet but have been a fan of for awhile!!!} and how Amy has helped Crystal tremendously with time management. Amy has launched a new e-book Tell Your Time, today and has a serious discount going on right now! I have read the e-book and love it. It is simple, straightforward and is NOT something I have read before {and believe me, I have read it all about this topic}!

I wanted to share this resource with you, especially while Amy is offering it at such a low price. Also – Crystal will be blogging about it {she began today}, so you’ll get a real-life testimony for the system. If time management is an issue for you, head on over to snag your copy of Tell Your Time!

{ps-yes I am now an affiliate ;-), thanks Amy for offering this great opportunity to help you promote something wonderful!}

Something Special ~ Baby Food Jar Pumpkins Craft

Baby Food Jar Pumpkins

Again,  I browsed around online for pumpkin craft inspiration and came across this post from Stacie. We didn’t have small bottles but we did have baby food jars, so I modified the craft a bit! Here’s our baby food jar pumpkins!

Pumpkin Craft (5 of 5)

It was a very simple craft to make, with little mess for momma to deal with.

~ First, have your kids rip up orange construction paper, crumple it up and stuff into the jars.  This is a great fine motor activity for little ones!

Pumpkin Craft (3 of 5)Pumpkin Craft (1 of 5)Pumpkin Craft (2 of 5)

Ladybug was EXTREMELY into the stuffing part!  She loved this!  It kept her busy the entire time while I did the other things with the boys!Pumpkin Craft (4 of 5)

I was engaged with the kids for the rest of the steps, so no photos, but here’s what we did…

~cut jack-o-lantern faces out of black construction paper

~use a green Sharpie to color the jar lids

~twist a green pipe cleaner into a stem {Pac did his own, I did K and L’s}

~use a hot glue gun for it all!

They are now adorable little keepsakes and will certainly be brought out as decorations for years to come!

See more…

Raising Rock Stars ~ “Convinced” Romans 8:38-39

Romans 8:38-39

Our night was based upon the song, Convinced {Romans 8:38-39} from Seeds of Courage.  I didn’t get any pictures, but here’s the verse hanging up on our calendar board…  IMG_1150Of course we used the great  printables Valerie made for Totally Tots to learn this verse and what it means.

While teaching the verse one portion at a time to the boys, Krash announced his confusion with the “locked up heart.”  God popped an object lesson in my head to try to make this real for him and it really helped.

I led him out of our schoolroom door {that leads into my husband’s tool area and happened to have the new key to the door right there} and locked the door quickly hiding the key in my pocket. 

Mommy ~ “What are we supposed to do?”

Krash ~ “We need a key.”

M ~ “How do we get a key?”

K ~  “Daddy.”

M ~ “ Yes, we need to ASK for the key.”

I went on to apply this to the symbolic KEY to heaven that comes to us by ASKING Jesus into our hearts.  I told him that when we ask Jesus into our hearts we get the key to heaven and get to live with God forever.  He then referred back to the locked up heart image.  I told him that when we accept Christ into our hearts, God locks us up tight and won’t let the key to heaven get away!  God loves us so much and nothing can separate us from Him.


Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts! Please read there or here before you add your link.