Goals for the Week…

I really benefited from my Goals for the Week post last week, which I randomly wrote to help keep myself publicly on track and focused.  If you peek back at it, you’ll see all of my “definitely” items were crossed off and even a few of my “hopefully” items!  I think I might make this a weekly thing.  Mostly for my own accountability, but also so you can see what might be coming soon.  I will continue to cross things off as I get them done. {I only include website/homeschool/schoolroom/printable/etc type of things}.  This is not my master to-do life list, just the one I need to keep in the top of my head as I work on my computer!



  • “Attend” the Guidecraft Twitter Party this Tuesday night!
  • Make new calendar board {I am making a different size so I am redoing some of my stuff-I promise I will share!}
  • Work on a new Fall Tot Book/Pack ~ Decided to go with my Fall Fun page instead.
  • Post RRSP Letter Kk PowerPoint to MO site
  • Work on an updated Welcome/About Page, and a new FAQ page.
  • Write my review post for Guidecraft, we have Magneatos this month!!  Here it is!
  • Order my new blog business cards, post a pdf version {since I had a reader ask if she could have a copy to hand out at her play group} and get ready for my trip to Relevant 2010 in October!
  • Complete and post my RRSP Letter Nn blog post, link to Preschool Corner.
  • Publicize the Usborne Books Giveaway {ends 10/3}
  • Use our new U-Play Mat with Ladybug to prepare for my upcoming review/giveaway
  • Plan David & Goliath RRS lesson, post on Tuesday.
  • Update RRSP Blog List on website {with new emails I have gotten recently}
  • Add a few more people to the Tot School roster.


  • Work on new giveaway/review post for www.ahhprods.com
  • Behind the Scenes post all about the new schoolroom {with lots of photos and details}
  • Start posts for Behind the Scenes: Technology I Use {update}, Educational Toys, Group Tot School, Using RRSP for Family Bible Time.
  • Post RRSP Letter Mm and maybe even Ww to the MO site {I am hoping I can get this far, we’ll see}
  • Complete/Post my new Preschool Printable: Beginning Sound Puzzles
  • Complete/Post USA Geography N & M States to the MO site
  • Empty the Need-to-Reply folder in my email.  I have about 30 left sitting and waiting, and I apologize if you are one of them. 
  • Add new posts to Tot Book pages {those that have been emailed to me recently}
  • Decide on a Little Bits giveaway, add the rest of the pre-made products to the blog.
  • Finish my Songs for Saplings file {I am consolidating the printables into one file for easier printing}…this is a long shot.  I’d love to get more writing done for my Tot School eBook too-but that’s an even BIGGER long-shot!
  • Continue to work on a plan to remove BlogHer ads from my blog and switch to a main blog sponsor {email me if you are a business owner and might be interested in this}.  Get the Media Kit/PR info completely updated and make some final decisions, pray-pray-pray…seek the Lord’s guidance for all things blog-related!!!

Let’s see how many I get crossed off this week!