Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 16 months old~

I did it again, Ladybug’s Tot Trays were not changed up a bit this week. The new schoolroom is almost done and I was sick for days-then Daddy,  FLEXIBILITY is the word around here.  Everything is just up in the air until we settle in the new room.

Learning Toys

The boys enjoyed sorting Ladybug’s bear stackers by color…she enjoyed watching…IMG_5933

Ladybug is in love with her Geo Sorter, she takes all of one color out and rearranges them… IMG_5938Books are still a favorite…IMG_5904 We collected all of our indoor balls, and had a fun ball play time…IMG_6092


Life SchoolOne of Ladybug’s favorite places to be, on the bottom bunk of the boys’ bed.  Pac likes to hide out on the top and make her giggle with a bit of peek-a-boo!   IMG_5978She loves to get into his stuff 😉 IMG_5990

Moms Favorite

Crawling around on our new dining room floor!!!!!IMG_6177


~Sorry for the delay this week, my internet has been down for 2 days and now I am out of town until Wednesday with very spotty internet.  I will be back to normal on Wed evening, that is if the internet is figured out by then at home {it better be!!!!}.  Thanks for your patience with emails and such, I am replying as I am able to.