Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 16 months old~

Tot Trays Ladybug’s Tot Trays were changed up a bit this week.  I cleaned out 3 more shelves and put different toys on the trays.  I am still in decision mode of how to set up her Tot School area in the new schoolroom.  This is what is working for now, but I have some ideas in mind for the new room {some ideas taken from other Tot School Zones that were shared}IMG_4970

Within seconds of opening up the schoolroom… IMG_4972

Just in case you think L-bug is the perfect little tot…I caught this shot of her while I was working with Krash,  She was at my feet begging to be picked up 😉  Still perfectly cute though, even when screaming at me!!!IMG_4976

Soon she found something to play with… exploring K’s Star Boxes!IMG_4978

What was Krash doing?  Well, exploring her Tot Trays of course! IMG_4980

The stacking cups were probably her favorite this week.  She played with them a lot.  She loved putting the links inside of the cups.IMG_5373She even tried to stack the cups herself… IMG_5385Then asked me for help 😉 IMG_5388

She couldn’t quite figure out how to put the bears in the peg board {these are similar to the peg set, just with bears, I got them for 25 cents at a used book sale!}IMG_5394

 Learning Toys

I didn’t have my camera out much this week, so I don’t have a ton of photos.  But, I did remember to snap a pic of her first time with Dot PaintIMG_4990


She played in the water table a few times this last week and loved every minute of it! If you look closely you can see my perfect lil angel K in time-out in the background 😉 IMG_5006

Life SchoolI finally got the pool back out.  This is our lovely $3 find {thanks Nanee} that is loved by all 3 kids!  IMG_5136

Moms Favorite

My little sproutin’ bathing beauty 😉IMG_5165


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