Tot School Roll Call Clarification & FAQ

I posted the Tot School Blog Roll Call yesterday and got an overwhelming response, woo hoo! I am excited that so many are participating and want to participate. I remember well when there were just a few of us!

I wanted to clear up some things about the purpose of the Tot School blog roll and what to do. There seem to be some common questions amongst readers who are wanting to be a part and join up. I thought I would write a post to clear some of those questions up.

What exactly is the Tot School Blog Roll?

  • It is a master list of all blogs who…
    • write specific Tot School posts on their own blogs.
    • provide a link back to Tot School {to the main page or the post itself} within each Tot School post.
    • link that post up to the Tot School weekly linky fairly regularly {and have already linked up 3 different times}.

I want to be included, what do I need to do?

  • All of the above, for at least 3 different weeks.
    • the weeks you link up do NOT need to be in a row, just 3 total.
    • this is to make sure you have plans of sticking around before I add you to the master list.

I don’t have 3 linked Tot School posts yet, but will soon, what should I do then?

  • Just comment or email me when you have 3 different weeks of linked posts and then I will add your blog to the master list-whenever that is.
    • I don’t always get to adding everyday, so you may email me, but I may not actually edit the list that day. It is on my long to-do list and I add once I gather a few new blogs. I promise I get to it as fast as I am able!
    • Be sure to give me the name of your blog AND the link to your blog. If you want your tot’s birth moth/year included, give me that also!

I linked up but you deleted my links, WHY?

  • because you didn’t follow one of the Linking up to Tot School guidelines, which we have to keep the surfing easy for moms involved. I created these guidelines simply for all of the jumping around we do so we can all easily jump from blog to blog when Tot School surfing. Here’s the basics…
    • Your post must be written clearly for Tot School {not just a good idea for tots}.
    • Your post must include a link back to Tot School within the POST {not just a button on the sidebar}. You can {but do not have to} include the Tot School button in your post-that’s up to you. A text link is totally fine. The purpose is so moms can easily jump back to the gathering after going to your blog!
    • You ARE allowed to link to us and other blog carnivals {just provide a link back for each one your are linking to}.

I am a brand new blogger and can’t even figure out __________ {insert common new blogger question here} ;-), can you help me?

  • I would love to, but honestly I am probably not the best one to help you! I can give basic answers, but further than that, I must direct you to some of the wonderful blogs out there with the purpose of teaching these things! When I began, I had NO clue what a blog was or how to work within one, I just used the internet to search and search for tutorials for the things I needed help with. Here are a few of my favorites…
  • Here are a few non-tutorial blogs who also have some great posts with helpful info in them…
  • Need some more help with your blog, but more personalized help? I recommend hiring someone to help you out, Jolanthe has a very reasonable design service offering help…

I have a few more questions about Tot School that you haven’t answered…

Hopefully this info helps some! Sorry for any confusion for those of you who are new. I still am amazed with how much this little ol’ blog has grown! I have also heard that Disqus is acting up for some of you and you can’t get it to load for you to comment. If this ever happens, feel free to email me or you can leave a comment on 1+1+1=1’s Facebook Page. I check the FB page daily for the most part!