Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 15.5 months old~

Learning Toys

Ladybug’s 3 Tot Trays this week were actually the same as last week {partly because she enjoyed them, partly because I am lazy and didn’t switch them}. The current schoolroom is still in a rather haphazard state as we wait for our transition into our new schoolroom {hopefully no later than October but possibly earlier-and YES I will be sharing all about it}. My mind is so focused on the new space that it is hard for me to keep up with the current space.

Ladybug’s favorite thing to do is to sit in the schoolroom and make a big ol mess. Honestly I don’t even mind because I still think it is cute!!!! I love sneaking a peak at her when I am working with one of the boys, to see this behind me…


She does sit down and play a lot too. She spent most of her time this past week with Zoobs, this girl has a serious LOVE for the Zoobs. They weren’t even out and each day she crawled up to the shelf they sit on and either pulled them down her self {spilling them all} or begged me to get them for her. She used her little container with the cut-out a LOT to stick the Zoobs into…IMG_4444 IMG_4501

She stacked our nesting blocks for the first time… IMG_4334

She gave her fishy puzzle a shot {still needing help from me though}…IMG_4439-2

She continues to love exploring K’s Star Boxes, and digs into them a lot! I make sure that if a box of his contains something she isn’t allowed to freely explore-is pulled out and put up when he is not using it. Otherwise, she is free to explore!IMG_4509

The cutest thing she did had to be when she pulled out K’s foam ABCs and handed them to me so I would “animate” them. I moved them around and made the letter sound, and then tickled her with the letter…she LOVES this!!!!



IMG_4520 IMG_4523

Here she was giving the C some lovin…

IMG_4527 See more ideas for play with the Foam ABC puzzle here on Totally Tots!

She did the same thing with the Twister game, she loves to spin the spinner and always asks me for help!!!


I continue to rotate our magnet set on the dishwasher and she continues to LOVE the magnets!!! She plays for awhile at this spot every single day, usually multiple times per day. We have an old Franklin set up there now {a consignment sale find}. Before this set I had dinosaurs up and she LOVED those!!!



Sibling play time is still one of my favorite things {even if the boys do whine and fight sometimes}. This day the goal was to see how high they could stack the blocks {from her walker toy} before L knocked the tower down!IMG_4450

Her Leapfrog table continues to be one of her favorite things!IMG_4539

She loves her hair accessories! I put all of her mini scrunchies in a bottle and she thinks it is fun to take them all out, put them back in and try to screw the lid on herself! IMG_4581

I finally felt like she was a good enough “stander” to play in the water table and oh did she ever LOVE IT!!!!! She was soaked when she was done and probably stood there and played happily for over 30 minutes!IMG_4665IMG_4585 After water time, she got a hammock ride with Daddy…IMG_4672


Life SchoolHer Pop Pop {Daddy’s Dad} was here for a visit, and she adores time with Pop Pop. They loved reading and rocking together!!!! One of her favorite books lately is My First Signs.IMG_4324

Moms Favorite

Not my favorite of me, but I LOVE this picture of HER!!!!!IMG_3691-2

We were waiting to go eat dinner and I caught a few of her with her Daddy, who she calls “Da-din” I love seeing these 2 together, they love each other so very much! I also couldn’t believe how perfectly sprouted her cute hair was!!!



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