Internet Down

Carisa’s internet is down…which means she has been able to do little that she planned on doing today, and I {Jolanthe, that is} am hacking her blog.

I could really have a lot of fun with this…but I won’t {’cause I’m nice like that}.

Tot School will be hopefully posted tomorrow and Carisa also wants to let you all know that she can see her emails via her phone, but is unable to reply. For those of you who have requested memberships to the Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ she’ll be getting back to you soon!

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have internet access and has to keep her giveaway for Yancy’s Rock-N-Happy Heart CD open for a bit longer than she expected.

So quick…hurry and enter before her internet provider decides to earn the money that she is paying them. :)