Speedy Stackin’ Pac Man

Pac Man has a new hobby and it is one he is LOVING.  It is the perfect sport for the homeschooled kid, Speed Stacking!

He saw Speed Stacking in action at a PE program he goes to for homeschooled kids, he came home and snagged all of my Ikea cups and began stacking from that moment on.  He got an official set of Speed Stacks for his birthday in April, which also came with a training DVD.  He has watched this DVD and perfected his skills.

Soon after his stacking began, he decided he would love to spend his own money to buy an official stack mat {it has a timer} and another set of cups.  The DAY we were going to order it, he got a birthday check in the mail for the EXACT amount the 2 were going to cots {$50}.  Needless to say Amazon got his business immediately!

Here’s my little Speed Stacker in action…  IMG_7957



Totally bummed that he didn’t beat his best time!  He is very competitive!IMG_7966

I really like that he has found this hobby, and actually hope he sticks with it.  The champion has a time of under 6 seconds for the “Cycle” which is his favorite sequence.  His best time is 20 seconds, so he has a lot of practicing to do!

A bit of buying advice…The cups are actually a bit hard to find, and even harder to find at a decent price.  Amazon has them, but for a whopping $11+ shipping added on normally.  We were able to find his with free shipping by searching a bit on Amazon under the “new and used” category.  I just searched and couldn’t find any right now, this seemed to be the best deal. With free shipping we paid 49.98 for a mat and cups, this works out to about the same.

As a homeschooling mom, I HIGHLY recommend this activity.  I only wish I had found it sooner!