Mac Users ~ PDF Printing Problems?

It was brought to my attention that my many of you who are Mac users could not print my PDF files successfully. I am a PC gal so I couldn’t do much. BUT, I began hearing about the problem from so many of you I began to investigate and thankfully I found a solution and it is quite simple!

A huge thanks to a few of you who joined in a Facebook discussion a few days ago to help me out, and to a few of you who helped me via email!

The big solution…make sure you are using ADOBE READER and not the default preview for MAC. This is a manual change and something that you have to check every time, or set it to be the default for your PDFs.

Also-for PC and Mac users, be sure you are using the most up to date version of Adobe, this accounts for the other 90% of problems people have!

Happy printing! If you have had problems and this fixes it, let me know…or if you still encounter a problem, comment also so we can try to help!