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In my spare time…

I read other blogs 😉 mostly on my iPod while I am nursing Ladybug! I don’t have a lot of spare time to read a lot…but I have over 100 blogs in my reader! I thought I would share some of my favorite posts that I have starred recently. Hopefully I can do this every week, but I am not making any promises! For now, enjoy these awesome posts…

There are many more of course, but that should keep you busy for awhile if you decided to follow any of my links ;-). Happy Reading!

Spring Fun Tot Pack

Spring Time Tot Pack...Easter, Butterflies, Kites and Baby Animals


It’s ready! I included a few different themes all together for one big Spring Fun page. You’ll find all of the Baby Animals printables, as well as some I have made but haven’t even used with K yet {but will in the next few weeks}.

Stay tuned for future Tot School blog posts, as I will be sharing the printables in action!


Raising Rock Stars ~ The Red Sea

~Sorry for not posting last week, life was just too busy for me to get to it! 😉

The Red Sea

We finally made it to the Red Sea!  Daddy read the kids a book called Moses and the King, which reviewed our other Moses lessons and took us through the sea.  The kids enjoyed this simple version of an amazing story, even Ladybug liked it!IMG_1743We read from children’s books, and children’s Bibles on family nights-but I don’t know if I have mentioned that we read from the real Bible every weekday morning.  Daddy reads a small portion from our NIV Bible each morning to us before he leaves for work. So, the boys hear the story on family night and then hear it in depth throughout the week.


After reading, Ladybug got a bit fussy so Daddy held onto her and I was with the boys-so, NO pictures ;-).  We reviewed our 10 Plagues, using our little props, then we went to the table and colored our mini book about the Red Sea together.  We use these coloring times to discuss the meaning of the story as we color…it is a great way to ask questions and spend time discussing-while little hands are busy coloring.


Resources used:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Tot School ~ Baby Animals

~Krash is currently 46 months old~

Learning Toys

Zoobs continue to be a BIG hit with both boys.  I just love how Krash likes to “read” the instruction booklets.  He is so good at building things with these now, completely on his own!IMG_1871

Our beads are also still a favorite, they can’t get enough of these! IMG_1800Not really how the book, “How to Build an A” is supposed to be used, but I suppose it does work well as a race track, right? IMG_1801 We had LOADS of fun with Twister Hopscotch this week, SO much fun in fact that it will be the featured toy for my “Play with Me” post on Totally Tots this month, stay tuned!IMG_1804

He did his lower case ABC puzzle all by himself {with his hammer of course}IMG_2326


We enjoyed a week of BABY ANIMALS! We enjoyed reading tons of books about baby animals, many of which are here.  I made a Baby Animals Tot Pack, but just haven’t had the chance to get it posted…I promise I will share SOON!  Here’s K checking out his first day’s workboxes {I can’t believe I caught his face like that, he was honestly happy about his stuff!}…IMG_1779  He made baby animal collages using our Ultimate Baby Animal Sticker Book…IMG_1780 He colored his baby animal cards to match the color of their name…IMG_1797 He put together is baby animal puzzles…IMG_1793 After the 1st one was so wiggly, I decided to put Velcro on the back of the laminated pieces and let him use a piece of felt-he loved this!IMG_1863

He loved matching his mommy & baby cards…IMG_1777

I made him an I Spy bottle {don’t have a photo} by putting these little images with rice in it.  He hated it.  The next day I dumped it into a box like this and he loved it.IMG_2096

He played with just the rice for a long time after finding the animals, AND did a great job obeying my keep the rice in the box instruction!!!IMG_2112

He matched his Mommy & Baby animals…IMG_2317

We got out our Is Your Mama a Llama shadow matching {form our Itty Bitty Bookworm} IMG_2296


tub of funA tub of dry beans and baby animals 😉  hours of fun for a tot!  He did ask for cups and a spoon…silly mommy didn’t even think about that!IMG_1748


Post SubTitles ABC

We read Rumble in the Jungle and made an Elephant EIMG_1859


Techy Tot

Krash is in love with this new FREE app I got for him, Giraffe’s Matching Zoo.  I honestly didn’t even think he would like it but he plays it all the time!image As with all free apps, be careful of the pop ups that try to get your child to buy something ;-). See this app and more we love for tots here on our web page.

Tiny Tot School

I brought out our gears toy for Ladybug and she is in love!!!IMG_2261Our item this week was ping pong balls {we have these}! She loved them!!!!  First I put them in a basket for her to explore…IMG_1838 I love how she dug right in to get them!!!IMG_1839IMG_1843 Of course Pac Man played with her tons.  Here he is throwing them into the basket for her…I think he taught her how to juggle too.IMG_1846 Next time I gave her the balls on a tray and added in an empty container.  She was fun to watch as she explored this!IMG_1994IMG_2011She loved it when I showed her how the balls rolled around on the tray! IMG_2043

I have to be careful now, my little scooter is getting her self around pretty good.  I walked out of the room for a sec and came back to find she had scooted over to the toy shelves and helped herself! IMG_2052


Getting Ready

Independent reading time has been something we have done for years {here’s an old post about Pac Man and reading}.  I just fall off the wagon with scheduling it in at times.  We are back on the wagon and each boy has a new book basket which I keep loaded with books that I think will interest them.IMG_1788I am now having them read while I prepare lunch each day, and we did it every day last week.  It was AWESOME.  I am also using the book baskets as a time filler if I have to put Ladybug down for a nap or something and need something quick to engage the boys while I am away for a few minutes.  Krash quickly found a few favorites in his basket and read them over and over again all week, it was so cute! IMG_1832

He continues to cut his way through his Kumon Cutting Workbook…IMG_1865

Krash finally did his very first unprompted “writing”  He is advancing so quickly with school type things these days.  It’s like he has turned a corner and all of the sudden is into this stuff now!IMG_1857


Life School

“Look Mommy, it’s a g!!!!” {yes, Mommy was very proud, considering I didn’t even think he could identify a lower case g}IMG_1879

K’s new obsession…Team UmiZoomi {if you haven’t seen it, it is a cross between Super Why, Little Einsteins & Wonder Pets-focused on MATH}.  I think it is super cute and he is not usually really into certain shows, so it is cute to see him get up and dance with it!!!IMG_2271


Moms Favorite

Krash and Ladybug are really developing a sweet bond together now that she is a bit older.  It is so awesome.  He is the wildest kid but is so soft spoken and gentle with her.  It just melts my heart.


This Weeks Tools


Winter Wonders is Complete!

If you missed my first post about Download n Go, you can read it here

Pac Man finally completed his Winter Wonders Download n Go unit!  It took us a lot longer than it should have, I actually think they all will. I am glad I didn’t order the full year all at once!  It has taken me even longer to write this update post (he actually finished WW a few weeks ago, I am just now getting around to sharing)

My thoughts after completing an entire unit…

  • Pac Man loved it!  He loved the layout, the various activities, and the things we learned about.  I was right in thinking that this type of thing would be perfect for him, it was!
  • Other than preparing the notebook ahead of time (which was a bit time consuming), there was little for me to do as we worked through it.  Getting the links opened up on the computer each morning was the biggest thing.
  • Speaking of links…we enjoyed the many You Tube videos, however…watch out for the ads that display on the sidebars before you launch the site in front of your child.  Most of the ads are harmless, but I did get one that popped up that bothered me.  Thankfully Pac Man wasn’t sitting with me (I open all of the links for the day in tabs before school so we can just click on the tabs as we work through the book).
  • Some days were more in depth than others, we ended up not doing 1 day at a time, just working through on our own timeline.  I still liked it divided into the 5 days though, it helped me see where we were in the study.
  • We did most, but not all, of the pages and lapbooking items included.  You could easily skip the entire lapbooking portion of this and still have fun and learn a ton.
  • Overall Pac Man reviewed many things and learned many new things.  We loved learning about the Iditarod, different animals, and the history of hot chocolate!  There were many learning opportunities presented that I would have never thought of on my own.  I loved how diverse it was, so did Pac.
  • My final thoughts at this point…definitely glad I ordered these.  They do take much more time than I realized, but that’s ok-we’ll just spread out the activities more.  I am really excited to learn new things right along with him!!!

We did not enjoy the Valentine’s unit as much-it was too much about LOVE for his taste ;-). His favorite was making thumbprint hearts…as many as his age 7 1/2.  He thought it was hilarious that he made half of a heart ;-).IMG_0532

We are currently working on the Amelia Earhart unit and both loving it!  it is very in depth so far and the first day of activities took us a whole week to complete!  Today we learned how an airplane flies and I learned something new right along with him, I Love that about homeschooling-I am so much smarter than I ever was before!