Raising LOVING Rock Stars


So, to be really honest, I wasn’t planning on a LOVE lesson this week, but I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have my 10 plagues stuff together, so I defaulted to LOVE. BUT, the cool part is that God knew the lesson we needed and it was great!

We began by showing Daddy our Love bouquet that we have been working on. After reciting the verses to him, each boy selected a new heart to add…and those became the impromptu focus of our evening!IMG_1060Krash selected “always trusts” so we did the ever-popular trust fall with the boys! It was hard at first for them to trust that Daddy would catch them, K kept looking backwards at first!


Finally he gave in and trusted Daddy and loved it!IMG_1068

Pac Man was a bit harder for Daddy to catch, but he managed!

IMG_1069 IMG_1070

Pac Man’s heart said, “is not self seeking” OH HOW GOD KNEW WE NEEDED A LESSON ON SELFISHNESS. uh-um. I quickly glanced at a small box of Valentine’s chocolates that I knew had 3 pieces in it. I handed it to K and asked him if he wanted them all. Gee, I wonder what he said. We role-played being selfish with them and took turns, he really seemed to grasp the meaning much more this way, I need to remember role playing even more than I already do-it is so effective!

After role playing for awhile I gave him a choice to be selfLESS or selfish. In my heart I knew I had to let him choose (even if it meant he didn’t share and at the candy himself…oh how I was praying). Thankfully he chose to bless Daddy and Pac Man with his selfLESSness and gave them each a piece and he had one too. This boy LOVES candy (probably since he hardly ever gets it), so this was big for him.IMG_1073

Finally, the boys recited their special love memory verse for Daddy ;-).

IMG_1075This week was another reminder of how important it is to just let God lead. I may love to have the grandest plans, but I have to be OK when we just have to wing it. DOING IT is the most important part. I didn’t feel like doing it last night, neither did Daddy (he’s a bit sick too), but we did and God blessed our time with the boys.

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