Tot School ~ No School

Krash is currently 43 months old~

We had a week off of school, as we will for the next 2 weeks while we head down south to visit family, but learning still continues in the life of a tot!  Here’s a few moments I managed to capture of Krash this week!

We read lots of Christmas books!  He really liked Spunky’s First Christmas, a LOT!!!IMG_7459

He helped Kirsten (our college “daughter”) bake some… IMG_7444

He he babysat Ladybug for me, and made sure she had all of her toys piled in her lap!!!  As he proceeded to run around the house with his wrapping paper tube…his new favorite toy.IMG_7451


I snowed a TON where we are and Krash played in it for hours with Pac Man!   IMG_4226IMG_4232 IMG_4247They even went out at night!  We were amazed with his lack of whining, we thought he would only make it a few minutes!  Little did we know!IMG_7574 I will be posting Tot School for the next 2 weeks while we are away, and plan to use this to recap K’s holiday and travel fun.  I may or may not be on the blog much other than that, depends how I am feeling while away!  Sometimes I get all anti-blogging, sometimes I am all over it…I will just go with the flow ~ you may or may not see me between Tot School posts!