Tot School ~ CHRISTMAS!

~Krash is currently 43.5 months old~

We arrived down south on Dec 21 and have been enjoying both sets of grandparents!  Krash has soaked up the fun in every way!  Before Christmas, his favorite thing was definitely having room to ride (unlike where we live)! IMG_7696

He is amazing on his Strider Bike, we LOVE this bike!IMG_7817

He has enjoyed having our dog, Bower, outside to play with more!IMG_7825They are quite funny together! IMG_7827Christmas brought Krash many new toys (way too many actually), and he was a sweetheart through it all!  He loved everything he got and was very thankful!IMG_4593IMG_8239 Santa showed up for a quick visit as he was out in my parent’s neighborhood!  K was scared of him, unless Daddy held him!IMG_8177We wore the little guy out!  He fell asleep on the couch on Christmas Eve during the family get-together!IMG_8338 It was a fun, but BUSY week.  I am thankful for all of our family Bible nights in December when we focused on Christ, quietly as our own little family.  Christmas with tons of extended family is fun, but it isn’t very spiritual.  We have 1 more week down here to enjoy family, then it’s back to real life!