Tot School ~ Thanksgiving

~Krash is currently 42.5 months old~

It was an off week for us, with no planning at all and tons of playing and celebrating! Krash did do Tot School for about 15 minutes on one day, and it was a hit! I had this puzzle, Ladybug Letters, back when Pac was learning ABCs and just now brought it out for Krash and he loved it!


He also really mastered the art of choosing his clothes and dressing himself! I was SO proud of him and yes I let him stay like this all day long. {it’s a jammie shirt on backwards}IMG_6301



Thanksgiving Preparation…

We cooked all day long on Wednesday to prepare for an Open House for Thanksgiving. We invited people from my husband’s ministry, from our church and some friends. We are usually down south with family, this is the first time we have hosted for friends! Krash cut the bread for the stuffing…IMG_6323

He also helped in tons of other ways, including stirring the pumpkin pie… IMG_6345

and tasting it! IMG_6355ps~just so there is no confusion, I do NOT cook, my husband did all of this! I made a measly little dip for an appetizer! Am I blessed with a good man or what? 😉



Thanksgiving Party!

The boys called our Open House a party and had a blast hanging out with all sorts of different people. Krash was a great host,IMG_6426

He was his usual entertaining self, keeping the laughter flowing all day long…IMG_6401 He has so many people he adores, we are so blessed to have so many friends we consider family!IMG_6486



Decorating for Jesus…

Krash really enjoyed the house decorating this year, now that he is older. He did not like the fact that the ornaments weren’t toys though. 😉 IMG_6624