Raising Rock Stars ~ Thanksgiving


We took a week off and did an evening of Thanksgiving 😉 to help the boys prepare for the week ahead! Krash was a bit sick so it was a simple, short family night. Here’s Daddy reading the book, Let’s Celebrate God’s Blessings on Thanksgiving


Pac Man and I worked all week coloring this project to surprise Krash during family time! I got the pieces and idea from www.edHelper.com, which is a paid subscription site. I was a member a few years ago and let the membership go, but now that Pac Man is older I rejoined, it’s worth the $20 to me.

I laminated all of the pieces and used a glue gun to hook things so we can use this over and over again at Thanksgiving. I am not very crafty, so this really impressed my husband when I pulled this out!IMG_6193

We also shared our special Thanksgiving Bible verse with the boys from Songs for Saplings. They recognized it from listening to the cd all the time, but had no idea it was the verse specifically for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Psalm 100

Resources used this week:

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