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Raising Rock Stars ~ The Pumpkin Patch Parable

Bible Focus…The Pumpkin Patch Parable

We had fun talking about Halloween again, and what it means for our family as Christians. I made the boys a coloring book based on the book, The Pumpkin Patch Parable, to help illustrate the meaning of the story for them.

First, Daddy read them the book (Ladybug was napping)…
Then we headed to the table where I told them the story again using the coloring pages I created for them. We all colored them together as we talked all about the meaning. Even my Dad joined us!

I also had Pac Man make a Memory Cross to illustrate the story, he did a great job!
It was a fun night, and we are all looking forward to bringing the lesson we learned to life when we select and carve our REAL pumpkins this week!

Weekly Bible Verse…
Songs for Saplings ~ Ee
We work on our verse every day during calendar time, and we also listen to the entire Songs for Saplings CD during recess at least 1-2 days per week!

Resources used this week:


Tot School ~ Life School

~Krash is currently 41.5 months old~

To say it was an off week would be an understatement! I had planned on having a normal week of school but decided by Tuesday to take a week off. One of our *children in Christ* got married yesterday. This is a young man who we met over 5 years ago while he was still in college. He grew up in the neighborhood we serve and soon after moving here he became a part of our family. My husband was the best man in the wedding and we did a lot to help prepare and to love on them during this time. It was a joyous occasion, and also one that took us completely out of normal routine last week during the final push to wedding day! So, Tot school went on hold, but Life School was in full force!

Theme ~ Dinosaurs!

We did have one day and just 2 pictures of actual Tot School, from our Dino Stuff!

Here K is matching up the dinos to the ABCs. This activity is for the episode called “One Smart Dinosaur” where the conductor sings the dinosaur ABCS. I copied the entire song and made little cards to go with it, both boys love it!Here he is working on 1-10, and also patterning…
Life School…

Nanee sent the boys an ant farm (oooh goody ~ I hate ants)

Krash has a chore he loves (and I love it too), he takes the cloth diapers off the clothesline for me now!

Camping in the basement..

Krash, Krashing….and loving it!

Sharing with brother… (oooh my heart is melting, so glad I caught this on camera for proof!)

Mommy’s Favorite…

A little taxi service with the Plasma Car! (don’t forget to enter to win one! Winner will be chosen later tonight!)


Top 5 Friday ~ Mom’s Wish List

I am not a big participator 🙂 in weekly carnivals/memes, due to lack of time, however I found a VERY simple one I like, that would give me a good Friday post for ya! (since I don’t have another one and usually don’t on Friday’s)! This may be the only Friday I join in, but we’ll see…you never know what a new week will bring.

I love short, to the point blog posts sometimes, and I also love knowing what other moms love, that is why I am joining in with Christy from Superheroes and Princesses with her new Top Five Friday’s!

This week she’s sharing her Mommy Wishes ~ I have a few of those too. No needs, just wishes!

My Top 5 Mommy Wishes…

  1. My husband home more (a little less busy). He hasn’t been home a lot lately due to a hectic ministry schedule right now. I miss him, so do the kids, and he misses us. I LOVE it when Daddy is home!! This is my #1 wish for so many reasons-the help, the joy, the fun, and much more! We LOVE Daddy!
  2. A bathroom. As missionaries, we live in the inner city in a VERY old row home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our house-it is really cool and I feel very blessed. There are however, a few quirks about it that I dream of changing! One is the bathroom. We all (2 parents and 3 kids) share one tiny bathroom. We lived in a brand new typical suburban family home right before we moved here over 5 years ago and it had an awesome master bath-like most new homes do nowadays. I miss my master bath so much. We have a dream of saving $ and building a master bath onto our bedroom…we’ll see!
  3. Shelves. I love shelves, I want lots of them, I want them all to match and look pretty. I never can have enough shelves. Currently I am trying to convince my husband that I need just 1 more bookshelf for our school book storage…we’ll see!
  4. Less Stuff. I want a week or 2 to go through every area of my entire home and get RID of stuff. I have been doing this and we have decreased our amount of life-baggage significantly over the past 2 years or so. But, I am desperate to have the time to completely finish and know that every drawer and box has been gone through.
  5. A Big Desk. I want one of those fancy wrap around the corner desks with incredible storage (something like this-although I could never afford to shop at Pottery barn!). I want shelves up the wall, big drawers with little storage compartments. I work on an Ikea desk, that is in the middle of my “closet.” It is fine, I am blessed to have it, I just wish I could have a Mommy-office that ROCKS!

Wanna share your Top 5 Mommy Wishes (or anything else that you love right now)? Head on over and join up!

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Dinosaur Tot Pack

It’s done! I have been working on this Tot Pack for a long time now, trying to make tons of fun stuff for Krash! We are in the middle of using the pack right now, so you’ll be seeing more of the dino theme in the next couple of Tot School posts! We are having SO much fun!


Moving on Up…

As our Tot School continues to grow, and now that it has been online for over a year, many of us have older tots that will soon be moving on up! I have recently gotten a few emails about the age range for adding posts to Tot School each week, and thought I would take some time to address this question!

The “set” age range for posting to Tot School is 12-47 months, however that range may vary a bit for differently abled children. Your 10 month old may be ready for some Tot School type stuff and that fine…feel free to link up early! Or, your older child may have special needs that make Tot School the perfect match for his/her abilities…that’s fine too!

If you are doing Tot School type stuff with your child, feel free to link up! Tot School type stuff would be defined as…purposeful play to expose early learning skills.

What if your Tot is progressing normally and will be moving on around age 4? I then would ask you to switch your links to the Preschool Corner!

My friend and Totally Tots partner, Jolanthe hosts the next step – The Preschool Corner on her blog. She offers wonderful ideas and puts up a weekly MckLinky for all families who want to join together in home-preschooling!

I hope that helps and when you move on to the Preschool Corner, please let me know if you think about it so I can remove your blog from the Tot School blog list, and also so I can say farewell! Krash will be moving up to Preschool when he is 4, and I will begin linking up on Jolanthe’s Preschool Corner then. Only 6 months or so and my Tot School posts will be featuring Ladybug!!!

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