Tot School ~ At the Beach!

~Krash is currently 40 months old~

It was a beach week for Krash and boy did he ever have FUN!!!! Here’s a recap of his fun filled beach week!!!!

He loved finding a little sand digger and holding it…

Loved chasing the seagulls…

We went to an amusement park and his bravery amazed us all!!!!

He rode many big rides, actually everything he was tall enough for…

He enjoyed a nice Japanese dinner and practiced his chopstick skills…

He made a car at Ridemakerz

He never quite overcame his fear of going under 😉

He taught himself how to get into his float like this…

He loved Pop Pop throwing him around like a crazy man!!!!

Daddy tried to teach him to swim without his floaties…

This was his move of the week, the “strong man,” he did this for anyone he met, it was hilarious!

He made friends with EVERY doggy he saw, asking the owner, “sir (or mam) may I pet your doggy please?” Talk about some proud parents ;).
My little plumber 😉 practiced drawing shapes and letters in the sand…Oh I could just eat this boy up, he made our week so much fun, he is incredible!!!!We start our official school year tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned for a fun filled Tot School report next week to see what Krash is doing!

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