Tot School ~ still part-time

~Krash is currently 39 months old~

It was another very part time week around here as I led my God’s Girls program. It is my most intense work week of the entire year. It went well, if you are interested in knowing more about the program, email me and I will send you the blog link. It is a program for girls ages 10-13. I am very thankful my 2 intense months of ministry are now over and I am back to MOMMY!!!!!

Learning Toys/Trays

Our one tray that was out for the week…Krash loved this tray and played with it several times. He did play with some of his other trays too, I just didn’t get pics! For this one I gave him huge clothespins I got in the Target $1 section about a month ago. I matched up foam colored circles and he matched them together. It was great fun as we pretended the clips were hungry for their colored circle, he loved it!
He played with our Blokus game again, this time spending over 20 minutes filling the entire board like this, all by himself!!! I was up nursing Ladybug and I cam down to find it all filled in! I couldn’t believe he stuck with it that long!!!
We also got out our Upwords game and the boys stacked towers of letters. Great skills being exposed here as we discussed tall, short, bigger, smaller, etc. It also helps that the tiles have letters on them!!! We talked about those too!!!

Field Trip…

Krash went to the zoo for the first time!!!! I was excited to see him with the animals, especially those he got to touch! Here he is with the goat…
and feeding the Lorikeets…
He told me the birdy gave his arm a boo boo. 😉

Look, even I was there! You moms who are usually only behind the camera along with me should understand! A big thanks to my friend Shannon for taking us and for taking this pic for me!!
After the zoo trip I got out his toy animals and we talked all about which ones we did and didn’t see at the zoo. Then I gave him the book, Count To 10 And Back Again and we made it into a house for the animals!!! He has played almost all day with these animals and this book!!!
Mommy’s Favorite…

Simply because it is just so Krash. He’s got Ladybug’s floppy dog basket on his head backwards. The dog face is on the back, and you can see the ears sticking out. Oh he is just too much. I love this kid.

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