Tot School ~ Finally Normal!!!

~Krash is currently 39 months old~

I am so thrilled to be back to Tot school with Krash!!! Even though we haven’t officially kicked off our new school year, we got back to doing our everyday Tot school this week!

Learning Toys/Trays

We’ve been reading this great book, I’m Your Bus, which was sent to us for review from Scholastic! Both boys really enjoy this cute rhyming story. I added a bus puzzle from his Vehicles in a Box Puzzles for him to work with after we read the book together one day! He ended up doing ALL of the puzzles in the box, he LOVES this puzzle set!!

Automoblox are always a hit with K. If you don’t have these, be sure to put them on your wish list! They are a toy neither boy ever tires of, and I love them because they are so open-ended!

My mom collected these neat tile samples for me and got us matching ones. I was thrilled to have K string the matching ones on to corresponding colored pipe cleaners. The boys thought it would be much more fun to make a “campfire” in the bucket and then pretend the tiles were marshmallows to roast. After trying to get him to play Mommy’s game for awhile I finally let them just go to town with their campfire idea!
We added a new toy to our collection this week and we all love it! The boys got the ZOOB ZOOBmobile Racer Set. It is a bit hard for K to do by himself, but it is great for them to work together. Krash could do some of the creating, and he really enjoyed P making him stuff too! K would make a simple little thing and would play with it all night…his favorite was the little airplane he made! We hope to get another big bucket of these, they are really neat.
Krash worked with this neat file folder game. He loved matching the farm animal hineys 😉


We didn’t make a letter this week (I couldn’t decide what to do for Mm), but we did work with our How to Build an A book. K’s favorite letter to make is always O ;)…
Itty Bitty Bookworm…

We will be doing components of the Itty Bitty Bookworm every now and then. I am not using the entire program, but choosing books I want to use and using the ideas. Tara generously sent us the curriculum to review for our upcoming giveaway, we are really enjoying it! Here’s one of the activities we did from the book, I Like Me! K had fun making a paper plate “me.” He mostly liked playing with his and mine afterward!!! Pac Man loves crafts so he always joins in with stuff like this!
Life School…

Cars are a way of life for Krash. He plays with them every day and even sleeps with the chosen few each night. This particular day we had fun spontaneously working with colors. He lined them all up for the race and then asked me which ones should go. I would yell out the color and he would find all of the cars that color and race them out. It was really fun and educational!!!

Arts & Crafts…

We read Joseph…K loves Joseph. Krash has a thing for naughty stories and people who are mean. He talks a lot about the brothers throwing Joseph in the hole. We decided to make Joseph a new coat. K worked on gluing…just ONE drop…Here’s Joseph’s new coat…But what Krash really wanted to do was RIP Joseph’s coat!!! Since I didn’t want him ripping his cute creation, I cut another coat out for him to rip. This was his favorite part of the whole activity!
Mommy’s Favorites…

It was a roller-blading (drive Mommy nuts) week for K. He is such a dare-devil, I finally told him he could only skate when Daddy was home ;). My nerves can’t handle his no-fear attitude.
This is SO Krash!!!! He wet his bed accidentally so we put him in a robe. He went back in his room to play while he was waiting to go downstairs for breakfast with Daddy. When he came out, this is what he looked like…hat on, carrying 3 blankees, a big Shamu, and his dino (you can’t see that one). He wouldn’t let me take his pic, so I got this on-the-fly shot!!! He’s always dragging his whole world everywhere with him. I call him my little toy-migrator. All of our toys seem to migrate to wherever he is!

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