1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Back Seat Drawing Jr. Review

Wanna know what’s making Pac Man smile?


Out of the Box games recently sent Pac Man this wonderful game to review for you…our wonderful 1+1+1=1 readers!! Backseat Drawing Junior

When they offered to send it to us, I was thrilled as I love the game Apples to Apples and this new game is made by the same company! I briefly looked at the game online and just knew Pac would love it and I was right!

He was really excited to start playing but I made him read the directions first so I could see if he could understand the game without me having to explain it to him…

He did! He is 7, and the game says it is meant for ages 7 and up, so I was thrilled that it was simple enough for him to understand right off the bat. You can go here to read the detailed rules if you’d like.

I was really excited to play with him, and LOVED that just the 2 of us could enjoy it together. The competitive game is played with 3 or more players, but mom and child or just 2 children can easily just take turns and have tons of fun giggling together-which is what we did!

This game is GREAT for communication skills, listening skills, and much, much more. The “director” has to tell the artist how to draw what is on the card and get the artist and the other players (if there are any) to guess it. ONLY certain types of words can be used (like positional words, directional words, shape words, etc.) so it makes it tricky! Here’s Pac Man drawing while I was directing him…
He had NO CLUE what this was, even though it did indeed look like the picture on the card!!! Do you know what it is?

Here’s more examples of a few we did together, he got the others, but did not get grapes!!! I drew the candle and the bag based on his directions.

He really enjoyed being the director, and I loved that he really had to think about how to describe what he was wanting me to draw!

I think you have figured out by now that we LOVE this game, I am so glad we now own it and I will be buying it for gifts in the future, it is that fun! There are 2 levels of pictures in this game-the junior edition, we played the easy level, and the harder level looks challenging enough for me as an adult! They do have an adult version of this game also though!

Educational aspects of Backseat Drawing can be found here, I read through these after I had decided on my own educational aspects list and I agree entirely with what they have-this game is great for so many reasons!

Out of the Box Games is donating this wonderful game to one of my readers in honor of Pac Man!!! A huge thanks to this great company!