Tot School ~ Life School

~Krash is currently 38 months old~
There was no official Tot School for us, however K had a wonderful week filled with Life School!! He got to go to his first VBS at our church, We had a mission team made up of some of our best friends from down south and their kids!!! They led an awesome 4 day VBS and Krash loved it!!!

He also got to ride on a “train” which is really the El/Subway, but he calls it a train and LOVES it!!!
We traveled down south on Friday and he got to go swimming at my parent’s house right away…He has loved spending time with both sets of grandparents and his cousins and aunt and uncle!!! Here he is with my mom, “Nanee”…
We will be here for another week and then the boys might get to stay an additional week by themselves!!! They are in heaven!!!!

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