Friend Makin Monday ~ 10 Things I Love About Summer

ten things i love about summer

For this week’s, Friend Makin Monday (yes I realize I am posting this a day late—woops), we’re sharing 10 things we love about summer….

  1. Seeing my family from NC-we go to the beach with my parents and my husband’s family each summer!
  2. Hanging out on our new deck…what a joy it is, I feel so blessed.
  3. Reading Rocks…the summer reading program I lead at our church where we are missionaries.
  4. God’s Girls…the purity program I lead for preteen girls at our church.
  5. Flowers in the backyard (even if our yard is teeny tiny-we do our best to make it nice)
  6. Sending the boys outside to play.
  7. Swinging on our swing in the yard with my kids.
  8. backyard fireflies…
  9. Seeing my boys run around shirtless 🙂 they are so cute!
  10. Seeing my husband run around shirtless..he’s so cute too! 😉 I’ll keep that picture private!!!