Tot School

~Krash is currently 36 months old~

Krash had a great week this past week! We are still struggling with the schedule transition but we’re getting by!

He worked on his new file folder game, but this one was a bit much for him, he didn’t really understand that you had to match the 2 colors.

He had fun hunting for bugs
He learned to use the electric pencil sharpener and LOVES it…Noah’s ArkMusic Time!!! We got out our song notebook and had fun singing through most of our songs!!! He got these new Vehicles in a Box Puzzles and I was surprised that he LOVED them!!! He did really well with them too, which also surprised me!New pouring with new $1 items from Target! I gave him one puzzle and just the shapes for that puzzle. He did a good job with it!I added 2 bottles (coffee creamer and almonds), more pom poms, and colored clothespins to his exploring tray…He LOVES the bottles and the pom poms…The boys drove cars through the tubes… And K, wanted to put his snack into the bottle too…
We built a new deck!!!!! K had a blast watching it be built and helping during the final stages…K went to a wedding with us on Saturday, this was how I kept him quiet. He’s got a helicopter and yes he is laying on the sidewalk. My hubs was in the wedding, so it was either let K have a bit of freedom or everyone hear him scream in protest as I force him to sit still.

He had tons of fun after the wedding!!!!

This is his best buddy, Daniel. His Mommy is one of the biggest reasons I am a homeschooler!!!!

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