Tot School ~ Birthday Boy!!!!

~Krash is currently 36 months old~
We had a pretty normal Tot School week, although we are still adjusting to our *new normal.* Krash enjoyed Tot School more this week, although it was still somewhat of a struggle to convince him again that it is REALLY FUN! I had to make him begin many things, but once I got him involved, he loved it!!!
On one tray, I gave him 3 paper towel tubes, and red, yellow, and blue – pipe cleaners, bottle tops, and pom poms. He had fun exploring with them for a really long time. He worked on his color mats, only using the 3 colors I put out for him…

We dot painted…

Krash wanted to make solid color sheets of each color and wanted me to hang them all up! It was a great way to work on individual color names!

He still loves to cut

He worked on a few opposites puzzles

He worked with his *Beach Fun* matching board and loved looking at photos of his family.

Pattern block puzzles

LeapFrog Word Whammer

Wii Outdoor Challenge, which he is really good at now, we LOVE this game!

I had to make him do this puzzle, but while doing it (and hammering in the letters) he enjoyed it… Later in the week I added 3 colored tennis balls (from $1 section at Target), he had fun again with this tray…This is the first time he actually put the colored pegs where they belong!!! He worked for a long time on this (got at a consignment sale)…I barely got him to work on his Dd sheet for his ABC Notebook, but he did it!!! Soon we will begin the ABC activities featured over at Totally Tots!Most importantly this week…we celebrated his 3rd birthday!!!!! He got some cool presents and was a total sweetheart while we celebrated! We enjoyed having Daddy’s parents and sister (and her son, K’s cousin) here for the weekend! I can’t believe my baby boy is 3!!!! CARS Spiral Track Set

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