Tot School ~ BIG Brother!!!!

~Krash is currently 34 months old~

We are SO happy to say that Krash is THRILLED with his new sister!!! We weren’t sure how he would react, but he has blown away any expectations we had. His response was adorable, these photos only capture a bit of his enthusiasm!!! He didn’t get to visit her in the hospital because he was a bit sick, so this is the first time he had met her!!! He immediately went upstairs and got his beloved blankee and gave it to her!!!!!!! I got tears in my eyes when I saw him do that, he LOVES that blankee and doesn’t go anywhere without it. It was the best way he knew to say, “I love you.”

He was so gentle touching her and holding her…He tried to entertain her…He even brought her one of his (bedtime) papis, we then gave him a pink one and he was so happy to give it to her…He’s had a few “I am not the baby anymore” moments, but they have actually been really cute and sweet. He is expressing himself in a way that is healthy and we are trying to respond with tons of love for him. I actually can’t wait to have a “date” with just K, I miss him the most, as it was so hard for me to be with him a lot when I was sick.We are so incredibly blessed, in SO many ways. Thanks to all of you who prayed for our family, and for our precious baby girl-who by the way is the most perfect baby :).

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

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