She’s Here!

Our little *Ladybug* is here! She was born on 4/14 at 2:33pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz. She was sent straight to the NICU because of breathing problems and she is still there. Things are looking up though–way up. She has already had her breathing tube down her throat removed as well as her central lines through her belly button. She has an IV in her foot and a little tube in her nose right now. It was a hard first 24 hours but our faith got us through and is getting us through. She is a trooper and is reacting well to all of the treatments.

One of my biggest concerns was her not breastfeeding and us having trouble. I am happy to say she nursed the last 2 feedings!!!! I am SO happy about this!

She has to make it to the 48 hour mark, which is tomorrow afternoon, and then hopefully she will be transferred to the well-baby nursery and then get to go home with us on Friday-that’s our prayer!

Here’s a few photos from our first days with her…