We did…

Tot School today!!! I know it’s far too early for my official Tot School report, but I was so excited to share that we actually had a normal Tot School hour this morning! I am in TONS of pain now because of pushing myself, but mentally I feel so great. I SO enjoyed my time with K! I thought I would share a couple neat ideas that he LOVED today!!!!

We finally used all of our Parmesan cheese (the BIG one from Costco) and I put it on a tray with tiny little pom poms. He loved this more than I ever thought he would, and came up with even more ways to use it than I had imagined. He played with this for SO long today!!!Another fun spontaneous activity was driving under the sticks. The boys had the sticks out from a different tray and Pac began setting them up and knocing down his long row. K had another idea, to patiently drive his car under ALL of them!!!! I was blown away with his determination to make it all the way through, one little push at a time (they were lined the entire length of the couch).And for all of you Mommies out there, here’s a good laugh for ya…yup, he found the pumpers…but shhh don’t tell him, he thinks they are megaphones!

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