2nd Grade!!!!

Look who is a BIG 2nd grader now…

Yup, Pac Man began 2nd grade today, since his Calvert box arrived yesterday! If you don’t know already-we get Calvert free of charge through our state cyber school. I still teach entirely on my own, the state just provides us with the necessities free of charge. It is an amazing blessing and I know only about 13 states do this. Even though we get this, I still do a LOT of our own thing for his schooling!
I get asked a lot about what we use so I thought I would summarize what we are planning to use for 2nd grade. And yes, you will notice that we are not traditional fall grade changers. We move up to a new grade whenever he finishes the previous one!
Here is our curriculum plan for 2nd grade…

Our plans for 2nd Grade…

  • Reading, Phonics…Calvert
  • Math…Calvert
  • Spelling…Calvert and All About Spelling (we are going back to the basics using Level 1, and then hopefully moving on quickly to Level 2, I just felt that Calvert didn’t teach enough of the rules of spelling for Pac Man’s needs)
  • Writing…Calvert and our own stuff (mainly developing his story writing skills as he loves to write “books”)
  • Social Studies/Geography…Calvert and much of our own stuff (lapbooks, puzzles, games, etc.)
  • HistoryThe Story of the World: Volume 1 We began this a while ago and are still loving it.
  • BibleOld Testament Overview Also began awhile back and it is working wonderfully for us, we both still love it!
  • ScienceLapbooks (I will make sure we cover everything in the Calvert science book, we just don’t do things their way!)

Basically we follow Calvert, as to be certain he is prepared for their testing and such, but I change things up a bit within certain subjects (science, social studies, history, and spelling mainly). I like Calvert as a whole, but I am really picky about certain things. If it doesn’t meet his needs, I make a change!

Another new thing we began today is the Workbox learning method, inspired from this great book. I am not going to write a ton about it…YET, because I want to be sure I really like it before I share much about it. But I will say I am overly impressed after our first day and so is Pac Man. It probably won’t be long until you begin hearing from me about it :). Stay tuned for more, I promise!

Pac Man is also now a blogger :). Like mother like son! He has been asking me to begin his own blog for over a year now and finally I knew he was ready. He is doing a wonderful job and I love that he is learning so much and he doesn’t even know it, he just loves it!!! It is something neat we do together now. I am keeping his blog private but if you have a great desire to see it in case you are thinking about your own child starting one, email me and let me know (don’t leave a comment). I will give you the link as long as it is for that purpose and is kept private.

I am thrilled to say that our first day of 2nd grade went beautifully, I am so thankful!!! His attitude was great, he loved the new workboxes and it was just wonderful. Now I am praying for tomorrow to go just as well!