LOVE is in the air!

Over at Totally Tots, the Bible Bites theme for tots is LOVE this month. Since I have a tot and an older child, I wanted to tie the theme in for Pac-Man too. You can read Laura’s great ideas for tots here, and here’s how I am adding to our month for Pac-Man…

Each day when one of the boys pulls out the heart for the day, we will do the tot activities Laura suggests and try to use the word over and over again all day to teach it to Krash.

For Pac-Man I have created a notebook with blank writing paper in it and sheet protectors to hold each special page, they look like this… Throughout the day, Pac-Man will have an opportunity to look up Bible verses related to the word of the day to fill up his LOVE notebook. I did not include all of the words, only leaving out a few-on those days he can go back to the LOVE page (I listed many verses for the word love-see above image), or to any other word he hasn’t completed all of the verses for.

At the end of the month Daddy and I are going to give him a set amount(probably 25-50 cents) per Bible verse he has copied. He must use the money earned to show LOVE to someone else. He can buy them something, give the money to the church, give the money to our sponsored child, or any way he can think of to use the money to spread love around! I told him this morning that he would become rich by filling his heart with God’s word and he will bless someone else’s life by using the money he earns to show LOVE.

I made a page for each word I chose, with a list of Bible verses for him to choose from. You can see them here in PDF form if you’re interested. I realize there are many more verses under each category, I tried to choose the ones I felt would apply to his age and comprehension the best. He will be using his NIrV Adventure Bible for Young Readers to look them up. I am going to allow him to go back on some of the days, since there are more days than words, so we won’t be *paying him* until the end of February. Daddy and I might even surprise him with a gift of love at the end, depending on his attitude-but we’re not telling him that so his attitude will be genuine!

I will get some action shots of him working on his notebook throughout the month and certainly do a follow-up post to let you know how it’s going!