Let the copying begin…

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had not properly prepared my son for copying straight out of a small-print Bible…oops. He brought me yesterday’s copied verse (which was slightly overseen by Daddy mostly) and let’s just say I wasn’t all that impressed :). I have had him copy before, and we’ve worked on it, I just didn’t give enough thought to the fact that this Bible has smaller print and that’s tough for him to manage.

So today we got busy together, and I figured out a few ways to help him out. First I got out one of my recipe book/picture frame holders and stood the Bible up in it for him, so he could glance upwards instead of down at the table.I then got out a mini-sticky note and helped him put it under the verse he was working on. We also added a colored tab with an arrow that he could move if he felt lost, showing him what word he was on. He did this for a few words and then didn’t even need to move it. Our word today was “truth” so I added the truth page to his notebook, along with the Love page from yesterday. So far he has copied one verse per day but he has lofty goals of trying to do 2 or more per day…we’ll see. He is excited to earn money to show love and is pretty sure he wants to send the money to our sponsored child in Rwanda, Albert. To help him reach his goal, I made him this chart to color in as he completes verses, I think the visual will help keep him motivated. If you’d like to use this, I added it to the page in PDF form to download here, it’s in the original pdf link, I just added it at the end (a blank one and this one we’re using).
Ours is in $1.00 increments, as Pac-Man is earning 50 cents per verse, and I am trying to encourage him to do 2 verses per day, to reach his personal goal of $20-40. Hopefully we’ll be able to color in one space per day!

** Here’s my first post about this, in case you missed it!