Look what I got…

So, I went to the mall today and passed by KB Toys…saw the BIG going out of business signs, but walked on by. Then on the way out, I stopped in, and I am glad I did!!! I got tons of stuff (mainly to stockpile our gift-giving closet), but I hit the jackpot with a few cool Leapfrog items!!! I got Krash the Bingo game for $4.99 and the Card Game for $2.49! They also had the Memory Mate Game for $2.49, but we already had that one (and had paid $9.99 for it!). These are neat games for Tot School, so I wanted to share them in case any of you live near a KB going out of business!!

Although I was most impressed with the learning toys, K was most impressed that I found a cool set of Hotwheels mini monster trucks!!!!

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