A few New Names

My husband and I had a long talk last night and after much time together have come to the decision that we believe we should switch our children’s online names to bloggy code names. I know many other mom bloggers who do this, but just never gave it much thought. In the beginning (as with any blog) there were only a few readers anyway, and most of them were family members and friends. It’s still not a huge worry to us (privacy), just something small we can do to provide a little more privacy to them as they grow up on my blog :).

I will leave this post up for you all, my current readers (and anyone who finds us in the next few days) as I make the switch. Once I am able to get their names switched everywhere on the blog, I will remove this post.

We had a hard time choosing their online names, but then I came to the firm conclusion that I wanted the code names to at least begin with the letter of their real first names (to make it easier for those of you who already know their real names). Also, when I am writing (and feeling lazy), I could always just call the by that letter.

So, may I introduce you to the newest members of our family…

This name was easiest since this is a nickname of his anyway, given to him by his Pop Pop.

This one was a little harder for us, I had many ideas-but none of them began with K. Finally my husband said, “how about Crash?” (he was thinking along the lines of Pac Man I think and thought of Crash Bandicoot). I immediately realized it could be spelled with a K and that it fit our little man PERFECTLY. He is SO a Krash-in every way possible, I am sure those of you who know him will agree!

We even have our little girl named for the blog too! BUT, we keep our children’s real names private until after they are born, so it won’t be revealed until then (early May)!

Do you have code names for your children online? What are they and how did you choose them?