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Not what we expected…

We are facing another medical crisis in our family, this one much worse than the pregnancy illness I experienced for 6 weeks. My husband, Frank, was diagnosed a few days ago with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and is recovering now and in a lot of pain. He is having some complications because of the surgery also.

We go to the oncologist on Monday to learn what type and stage the cancer is. We are praying the surgery removed it and that it hadn’t spread.

Unfortunately our boys are going down to NC tomorrow with Frank’s parents (who drove up immediately to be with him when they learned the news). It is very hard for them to see Daddy like this, as he is in so much pain and having to rely on me and his parents for almost everything at this point. We have lots of family down in NC that can care for the boys and give them a *vacation* to take their minds off of this. We feel so horrible after they just came out of my long absence, and now to have this happen to their Daddy. However we are confident that God is walking beside of us and them and that we’ll all be OK. It’s just so hard right now.

I am doing well with the pregnancy, praise God. Just 2 weeks ago I wasn’t, what a blessing of God’s perfect timing. We also learned that this pregnancy (and even our others) are such amazing blessings as many men have infertility problems during this type of cancer. We are thankful we can see God’s hand at work even in this trying time. Thank you for your prayers.

Tot School

We had another great week, I am back to normal, completely now, I honestly feel 100% better, praise God! We had an ultrasound this week also and saw our little one moving all around, it was great to see after so much sickness. We’re almost 14 weeks now, and looking forward to finding out the gender on Dec 2!!

Krash is very into his name puzzle these days . It hangs on a low hook in his room so he can get it down himself. He has asked me several times lately to play with it together. He is very good at puzzles, it’s neat to watch him!

Speaking of puzzles, we have two of these books; High Tide and Rough Road and he LOVES them both. They are very simple but he adores them and we play with them often!
We finally painted again and this time I let Krash use our special paint tools. We have little porcupine balls and also little mini finger brushes. He was fascinated with both!But, even better than the painting were his new scissors! I got him these scissors at Target back during back-to-school time, they have a little spring thingy on them that keeps them open, a training pair of sorts. He finally learned to hold and use scissor correctly!!! He cut quietly for the longest time!!!

K wasn’t very into the pumpkin carving event but was VERY into singing his pumpkin “Happy Birthday to you…” and trying to blow out the candle inside!!!Shamu and Buzz (gotta put a costume pic on the blog right!?). K ran around all day screaming, “To infinity and beyond!”We attempted water colors again, once again he didn’t like them much.

He LOVED the Mayflower though! On Nov 1 I brought out our Little People Mayflower Playsetand the boys played with them all day. K is singing night night to the pilgrim in the hammock! And he stocked them up good for the trip with all of his candy that he played with all day too!

Finally, he worked with his brother on his 1st 24 piece puzzle. Pac-Man gave him 2 pieces and showed him and K would hook them, it was a cute team effort I loved watching!

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If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

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Thanksgiving Lapbook Revisted

Today Pac-Man brought out his Thanksgiving lapbook from last year, it was fun to look back over it together! I love that about lapbooks, they are such great keepsakes and future learning reviews!We won’t be making a Thanksgiving lapbook this year but if you will be, check out these links of lapbooks made last year for Little Laplinks on Lapbook Lessons.