The Story of the World

We began using The Story of the World (volume 1) today! I am not too thrilled with Calvert’s Social Studies program so I began researching something to supplement and found that MANY moms I know online use Story of the World. I got the final endorsement from my good (real life) friend Shannon, who has used volumes 1-3 with her 2 kids and is completing volume 4 this year.

I had NO idea how much Pac-Man would enjoy history, just learning about historians and archaeologists today got him excited! He didn’t even complain about the copywork I gave him!! Here he is doing what I created for him…
We will be creating a notebook to keep all of his papers in, he is very excited about it and even helped me design the cover!

I found a few blogs online that were helpful in making my decision, specifically this post, from Smooth Stones Academy. Although I am not using History Scribe or the copywork she mentions, it inspired me to make our own. I am using our Startwrite program to make his pages.

We’re going to stick with this for awhile and see if we decide to continue on with the program. I will post again to let you know what we think after we are a bit more into it!

Do any of you use SOTW? If so share your thoughts in the comments! If you use something else please share your thoughts too if you’d like-I am not set in stone on this choice yet.