Homeschool Memoirs ~ 10 Timely Facts

I have unfortunately skipped the past several Homeschool Memoirs posts due to being sick, but I thought this was a simple one to try to get back on board weekly!

Here’s 10 facts about me you may or may not know…

  1. I am 12 weeks pregnant right now, with our 3rd child…planned by God :).
  2. I am an only child.
  3. I have a dream to know how to sew as well as my wonderful Mommy, I just can’t seem to muster up the patience, I get too frustrated.
  4. I love Little House on the Prairie and have probably watched close to 100 episodes since I have been sick for weeks with my pregnancy!
  5. I live in a rough inner city neighborhood, an American mission field. We have lived and served here for over 4 years now, with no plans to leave. We used to live in the suburban south…big change. 🙂
  6. I do not cook, my great husband does! He used to be a chef so we are blessed. I wish I cooked better and more, but am thankful that I don’t have to!
  7. All of my babies are born by c-section due to my oddly shaped uterus which causes them to be breech, this will be my 3rd one coming up, and probably our last.
  8. I would love to have tons of children, just not the pregnancies…I absolutely hate almost everything about being pregnant-except the joy that comes at the end!
  9. After becoming a Kindergarten teacher after college I went on to fulfill my other dream…to be a photographer. I went back to school, learned, practiced and developed/owned a children’s photography business with my best friend before moving to Philly. I miss it but love my life more now!
  10. I love having 2 boys. I am excited if our next child is a girl but with the other 2 we desperately hoped for boys…and got them! We are both going to be 100% thrilled either way this time as we think a little girl would bring us all so much joy. We also know that another wild boy would just add to the fun! Hopefully we’ll know at the beginning of December!

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