Tot School

We had a short Tot School week leaving to go to NC on Thursday morning and not returning until Sun (today). But I got a majority of this post done in advance so I could get it published while we are away! We managed to pack a lot into our short week and had a blast!

The boys love the bath and love our letters…Rub A Dub Abc & 123
This Melissa and Doug Shapes – Chunky Puzzleseems to come out almost every week now!We haven’t had these out much lately, they are a part of this PRIMER PACK AGES 3-6, K wasn’t all that interested in them, but we’ll try again soon!
He was VERY interested in his new plastic scissors that I got for him from Target last week.We played color mats for a while and he did really well matching up the cards this time. He insisted he needed the bike helmet to do it properly…
He enjoyed working with his Ratatouille Tot Book some this week…
He also asked me for his Cars Tot Book
Here he is pretending the bottle tops are horns and we’re singing Wheels on the Bus (horn goes beep, beep, beep…)
Instead of painting this week, he used them to take in and out of the tray for awhile… (Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set (Set of 6))

We played a really fun game to work on counting. We started saying “1, GO” then “1, 2, GO” up to “1, 2, 3, …10, GO.” K LOVED this. It was very loud, active, and crazy but it helped not only with counting but also listening skills as he had to freeze when I yelled “stop!”
We also played a game with our foam letters, laying them out on the ottoman like this…We would tell K which one to find and he’d find it and then he would run over and put it up on the shelf and yell “I did it!!!” so proudly!!! P set up the ribbons and we practiced going under, working on our positional words…Then the boys had a blast crossing the finish line…We had a great time with chalk… He drove the bucket of chalk around on his scooter…He matched colors with his Discovery Bugs…

He only wanted to knock the Nesting and Stacking Blocks over this day…
The boys always have fun with our marble track. (Transparent Marble Run 43-pc. Set)
K LOVES to cook, here he is helping make peanut butter balls…
He can’t help but to get a little bite in while we roll them!
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