Tot School FAQ

I added a new page on my website, entitled Tot School FAQ. I have gotten several emails/comments asking various questions about Tot School and decided to compile it into one big page that can continue to grow.

I want to say that even though I am college educated in the field of early childhood, I in NO WAY feel superior to any of you as moms. I answer questions only because I get asked, not because I feel I know more than you ;). Sometimes I feel silly answering, knowing there are many more moms out there far more qualified than me (who have raised many more tots and have done it far longer than I). Even though Tot School is hosted here, it has become something so much more than just us. It is a wonderful collection of moms all over– just sharing and growing together. My Tot School FAQ page is just my opinions about some things I get asked…not necessarily the *right* answers :).

I also added an email link to the bottom in case you have a question you would like me to address on that page!