My 1st Homeschool Conference!!!

I went to my very first homeschool conference, SEARCH, yesterday and I loved it! It was so awesome to be surrounded by Christian homeschooling families and children. I felt right at home, it was wonderful. I was able to hear Todd Wilson and Ginger Plowman speak and both were inspiring, especially Todd, he is SO funny! I wish I had remembered to pick up Wise Words for Moms, I am going to have to order that. She used it in her presentation and it is a great reference tool for us Christian moms!

But I have to say the BEST part was this….

Our used book sale treasures!!!

In case you can’t tell all of the GOODIES in there, let me highlight a few of my favorites, with the links you will see them at full price and be amazed, as I only paid about $50 for everything in the picture! The books alone are worth way over $50 at retail price!! I had brought $100 to spend and got everything I wanted for $50 🙂 I am SO happy, can you tell?

I also picked up MANY great books for our ocean theme this summer, paying about 50 cents each for them!!! I also stocked up on many other books, mainly non-fiction animal books for P since he really enjoys them!

I did pay full price for a new book-Instructing a Child’s Heart, written by the author of my favorite parenting bookShepherding a Child’s Heart. I already started reading it and love it!!! It was a great day, and a bonus-I got to spend it with a great friend and fellow homeschooling mom!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have that alphabet book too! Don’t ya love a good deal?? Good job!
    ~Homeschool Madness

  2. Shannon says:

    Don’t buy the Wise Words… I picked one up for you at the conference today! See you soon!

  3. Have you read, “don’t make me count to three?” I love it. You can listen to an interview with her (or read the transcripts) at: it’s part one of four. All four parts are wonderful.

  4. Mama Teaching 2 says:

    Oh my gosh, you MADE out!

  5. Berry Patch says:

    The group that does our convention does a huge used sale separately in June (our convention is in March). I LOVE it. I didn’t find as many thing I had to have this year, but I still brought home a LARGE bag of books for a mere $30. Got to LOVE that. We also have the S’Math game – it’s awesome! 🙂

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