In the Works ~ Ocean Lapbook

P was excited to work on these with me today… I printed them on card stock from here. Together we laminated them (using our wonderful Scotch Thermal Laminator which we got from Costco a few months ago). I wrote the names in pencil on the back so he could familiarize himself with the many different types of dolphins there are.

I got K involved today as we played together with one of his favorite books, Textured Soft Shapes: High Tidewhich happens to be about the ocean! He loves this book and can name the 4 animals in it: sea horse, crab, fish, and starfish!Below P is coloring ocean animals in Spanish. He also completed the labeling for his dolphin anatomy sheet. He is smiling and looking like he is loving it, but don’t be fooled, he wasn’t all that thrilled with ocean learning projects today! All he REALLY wanted to do was the laminating!


  1. mamatutwo says:

    I’m so inspired and going to get busy doing more with my little man again. School’s out, and I’ve been trying to get my older two going on things to keep their brains fresh. Unfortunately, little guy has missed out a little. Ugh!

  2. Mama Teaching 2 says:

    I have been waiting for this post! 🙂 And what is funny is the little science book I have is going to mammals and Whales are on that list in a big way.

    Oh and when we got our laminater we went nuts! We said SLAM….it’s done…the Slaminater! LOL! Yes, I am a nut. *walking off blushing*

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