Writing Progress!

I love to teach elementary writing, always have, hopefully always will. It is something I wish I spent more time on, but unfortunately I have a son who is (was-hopefully) content telling wonderfully imaginative stories, but NOT writing them clearly and neatly. I knew I had to push forward anyhow, and thanks to the free writing downloads a few weeks ago from A-Z, I found lessons that I could really use with him. It was pulling teeth at first, but then the light came on and he produced this final copy…I am SOOOO proud of him, his handwriting is usually awful, and he usually could care less. He didn’t even want to write the final copy (the rough draft was horribly sloppy by the way). I had to drag the 1st two final draft sentences out of him, but then he got into it and copied the last sentences entirely on his own, I couldn’t believe it!

He claims it is thanks to this (Pencil Grip)…He also hated this the first day I gave it to him, but now he claims it is the reason for his new improved handwriting. Who knows? I am just happy.