Tot School

Tot School began this week with an idea I got from Valerie. I poked holes in a Cheerios box of all different sizes and gave him different types of pasta to push through the holes. He really got into it and it was fun to watch him!We got out the colored mats from our Candy Land DVD Game and used them for a variety of games with K to work on colors….
His favorite was playing “head, shoulders, knees and toes” with them…
And finally, we enjoyed the wonderful weather we had late in the week, in the morning the boys sat by the back door and drew what they saw…

This was not something planned, it just sort of happened, and I LOVED it!
Then we made it outside and had a blast “water painting”
K got a little wet, and then figured out that he was wet…
And spent the rest of the day playing like this…
It was a very spontaneous week, with lots of fun, not a lot of planning. I think the warm weather does that to us! I only hope this week will be as much fun!
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What are you doing for Tot School lately? Let’s define a “tot” as an 1-3 year old. I would say anything before a formal Pre-K curriculum. You know, the stuff we do with our little ones to provide opportunities to develop their love of learning and maybe teach them a few things. If you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to Mr Linky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email). Provide a link back somewhere in your post to this post so your readers can see other ideas too!


  1. The four little penguins say: says:

    We were spontanious too! It’s almost more fun that way. 🙂
    You must be having some really nice weather. We are way far south and I’m still waiting for it to be warm enough to water-play outside. I’m jealous.

  2. One Little, Two Little says:

    Oh, I just love those spontaneous days especially since no planning is involved! Days like these are the best! ~Sako

  3. Theresa ♥ says:

    What a fun day!!! Andrew loves to water paint. We have some warmer weather coming this week (Praise God) so we’ll have to give it a go.


  4. Mama Teaching 2 says:

    So…he just keeps getting CUTER???? I adore him. 🙂 He is so blessed to have you and his brother tot schooling him. 🙂

  5. SchoolinRHome says:

    Spring is such a great time of year! We have enjoyed time outside as well! Hopefully this week we will do more of that. Did you see my son did his rainbow Roy G. Biv book in his Tot school?
    Also- stop back to see the post about Little Bits again. I changed some things and added photos!
    Thanks again! I hope my post gets gets you and your mom lots of traffic!
    Have a great week!

  6. How cute! I followed your link from the Lounge. I’m going to link to you with your button there. Blessings! Ta Ta!

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