Music Time

My husband works from 9am-3pm and then again from about 6pm-10pm on most nights. He’s home with the kids from 3-5 each day AND he cooks dinner. During those 2 hours, I work (missionary/ministry stuff), blog, plan homeschool, read my Bible, shower if I haven’t (which is most days), run errands, and more. The problem is that now that the windows are open (beautiful weather), I can hear all of the guy fun going on outside, and even though I am OK not being involved, I just HAVE to take pictures, right? This was today’s fun… Aren’t they cute? 🙂


  1. So cute! I love watching my husband and sons play their guitars together!!!

  2. LindaLeeper says:

    What a great dad and husband!
    I love how you all let your boys be boys.

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Your Africa lapbook was inspirational. We sponsor a pastor and family in Zambia. I’ve been wanting to do a project about Zambia. You’ve given me a lot of ideas.


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