In the Works ~ Rainbow Lapbook

We are almost finished with our rainbow lapbook! One of our final activities was to follow a little recipe book (I had the template from when I used to teach Kindergarten and got The Mailbox magazine), to make a rainbow with a pot of gold…He had a blast, I was just thankful he didn’t eat ALL of it!


  1. SchoolinRHome says:

    This is so cute. We don’t have any skittles in the house right now but we are about to make lunch and have some Jelly Belly jelly beans Gram gave the kids- we might try this and make lunch more fun while reinforces the colors of a rainbow to the little ones! Thanks for the idea!
    I actually added some new links (yo my rainbow post-under lapbook category) to some rainbow things if you are looking for more. The paper plate one is fun. We just did it. He loves adding the animals into the ark!
    Have a great day! The weather is just calling for us to come outside! 🙂
    P.S. My daughter slept all night last night (even going to sleep) with no Nuk- just her soft cuddly blankee! (Thanks again!) I am sending a small package to your mom- I hope it brings her some joy as well!)

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