In the Works ~ Rainbow Lapbook

We began our work on the rainbow lapbook today and already we both love it! Here’s how we began…

1st we read the book, Rainbow and You, which was a great way to begin for us! I wanted to start by teaching Roy G Biv, using the printable I created for him. This book did a great job of introducing Roy G Biv and also rainbows in general.

After reading the book, he got to work on his roygbiv mini book, and we also introduced color word spelling using the printable I created from the songs at this site. He really liked learning how to spell color words with these cute songs.Here he is posing with his completed product!


  1. Wow that’s really nice. I love the worksheet you made they are really wonderful. I love how you are putting your lapbook together simply and informative. I like it.


  2. Mama Teaching 2 says:

    He is so darn cute! I look forward to the finished lapbook!

  3. SchoolinRHome says:

    We already did you ROYGBIV folded book. I just printed out the Color Songs flap book. It is awesome. You are so good at making these. I’d love to do this more but just don’t know what program works best. Do you have a suggestion? Then how do I get it to a format where others can load and print? Is it really hard to learn and/or do? (Maybe I can figure it out over the summer to create more items for our lapbooks and others!)
    Thanks again!
    P.S. I love the idea of the book you made with Pax and the girl you tutor. I made an alphabet picture book with my older son collecting pictures from magazines but we also added photos on each Letter page. He loves it and has become a tresures keepsake.

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