Sight Words

We are still using the great book, Sight Word Puzzles and Activities, Gr. K-2 for enrichment in the area of sight words. We are up to lesson 5 (each lesson has about 15-20 words, plus 5-10 activities) and he’s still loving it! We actually took some time off from it in December and he reminded me, asking…”where are our folder words?” He was ready to get back into it! It is amazing to notice how far he has come since we first began using this book, his ability to complete the worksheets on his own amazes me. Even though it is a worksheet activity, it is very interactive and we always work together and have fun with it. Yesterday he was funny as he hung up his crossword puzzle under his desk light as he read each sentence to me so we could figure out the word together. Here’s the link to my first post about this book, which has photos of the mini lapbook we make when we complete a unit.