Family Learning

We finally made it back to school today! P was feeling better this morning, and although his fever did come back around lunchtime, it quickly went away and about an hour later he was fine! I was thrilled to be back in our routine! As I looked through the photos I took today I noticed how many I had of my boys together. They are almost exactly 4 years apart and I thank God everyday that we were led to homeschool. It’s photos like these that make me realize the blessing of them being home together. K loves P, and P loves K, they are great brothers. Not perfect, but wonderful, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Here K is joining in on P’s independent reading time, listening to his big brother read a favorite… Old, New, Red, Blue! (Step into Reading) (Cars movie tie in) Here the boys are playing with this AWESOME Bead Sequencing Set we got for Christmas from Nana and Pop Pop!!! It is the perfect toy for both of them and they play so well with it and both get really excited when I bring it out. And they both look sick in this photo, they were sleepy, but I still love it. They are watching one of K’s favorite dvd’s, Baby Einstein – Baby Newton – World Of Shapes ,which was also one of P’s favorites at that age (and thankfully he still likes it!).It was a good day back, our new routine worked beautifully! We are finishing up his last week of his Calvert K curriculum, I can’t believe we will begin 1st grade soon!!!