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Ladybugs ~ Lapbook

Our final bug for the summer of bug lapbooks, was the ladybug. P chose all of the bugs we studied himself. This was a simple lapbook, not a ton of school work type things, more just fun stuff for him! The Inside…
Left: Life Cycle of a Ladybug
Top Middle: Bible Verse, he painted it
Bottom Middle: Find the ladybugs
Top Right: Life Cycle Sequencing Cards
Bottom Right: “I Can Help” mini book (this is from the Member’s Only section of Danielle’s Place)

Back: Five Little Ladybugs poem (I typed it up with graphics myself, got the poem from the internet.)

Bees ~ Lapbook

The Inside…
Top Left: Queen, Drone, Worker
Bottom Left: Bee anatomy (Enchanted Learning)
Top Middle: Honeycomb Cells (made with glitter)
Bottom Middle: His sentence using “Bee” sight words
Right: The Life of a Worker Bee illustration

Back: Pax’s favorite thing, a maze!

Ants ~ Lapbook

The Inside:
Top Left: God Created Ants
Bottom Left: Things I Can Remember To Do
Top Middle: Ant Life Cycle (Enchanted Learning)
Bottom Middle: Ant Chant pocket holding memory game cards
Top Right: Ant Facts flap book
Bottom Right: Wise Ants mini book
I got most of my ant items from Danielle’s Place Ant Unit

The back: Bible verse copy work

Bugs ~ Lapbook

We kicked off our unit on “bugs” with a general bug lapbook. P chose the unit study himself. I personally wanted to do flowers, gardening, oceans: not bugs…this was ALL his idea! He loved making his very 1st lapbook about a topic he chose himself! The inside…
Top Left: Easy Reader “Bugs”
Bottom Left: Bug Facts
Middle Top: 3 parts of an insect
Middle Bottom: Mini Book “The Ants go Marching”
Right: Bug Hunt Photos Flap Book

He wrote the name of each bug we found and dictated a sentence to me telling where we found it and what it was doing.
The back, he wrote a sentence using _ug words.

Why 1+1+1=1?

The obvious answer is the symbolism of the trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. However it has another meaning for me too. When my husband and I married many years ago, I remember learning Ecclesiastes 4:12 …”a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken.” We base our entire life on this, having Christ at the center of our marriage so we can better love one another and also our children. As we face this world, we want to be strong, the only way is to have Christ woven into every aspect of our life. When all 3 are added together, unity is created and we become one.