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Thanksgiving ~ Little Laplinks

I owe it to Valerie over at Little Blots of Faith for inspiring me to get my fanny in gear with creating this blog. I have been wanting to do it for quite awhile now but just didn’t. Her meme “Little Laplinks” got me going! I want to thank all who have commented and emailed me, I am SO glad to be helping even ONE person out by sharing ideas. I miss that so much about teaching (I taught public school K for 5 years), brainstorming with other teachers. Thanks to this blog, I finally feel connected again!

Our theme for the November Little Laplinks is Pilgrims/Thanksgiving and we are right on track, I couldn’t wait to get started teaching my son more about Thanksgiving. Here are my resources for this, and be sure to check back for completed photos of our lapbook. I also do “In the Works” posts as we are working too. It is easy to search on my blog under the “labels” section, to find those posts too (called “Lapbooks in Progress”).
We will be using resources from Mrs. Nelson’s Class website. She has so many great ideas listed, it will be hard to choose!

The Squidoo Thanksgiving Lapbook Lens is GREAT!!! I plan to use tons from here! Definitely the First Thanksgiving Book
We used this version of Pilgrim, Pilgrim.

Enchanted Learning has tons of great printables, we will definitely be using these (and probably more that they have):

Thanksgiving mini-book
Thanksgiving quiz

I am still gathering and will be adding to this post, and plan to get ideas from other Laplinks participants! Be sure to check out how Valerie is archiving Laplinks posts, what a wonderful resource!!!
The Photos…
P drew Squanto and Pilgrims, using his Draw, Write, Now book
Inside…(flap open)
Top Flap Middle: Thankful Turkey Craft
Top Flap Bottom: Colors of Salvation Corn
Middle Top: Squanto’s Snack (I got this from an old issue of The Mailbox)
Middle Left: Thanks for the Food (also from an old issue of The Mailbox)
Left Flap…
Middle: a sticker turkey I got from Target last year for 25 cents!
Right Flap…
Top: Thanksgiving Bible Verse Memory Game
The top flap closed: Pilgrim puzzle
The Back…
Copywork and drawing from Draw, Write, Now.

In the Works ~ Volcano Lapbook

We finally began our volcano unit today and my son was beyond thrilled, as you can see from his face in these photos! The first things we did was make a mini model volcano which was a part of a unit I purchased from here, but the direct link is no longer available.We also began our first read-aloud chapter book!

Fruit of the Spirit ~ Lapbook

We completed our Fruit of the Spirit lapbook today! It was a really fun unit, P and I both enjoyed it! We got everything from Danielle’s Place for this lapbook, just altered a few things to make them unique for our lapbook.

The Front…
We cut up his smelly painting (done with Kool-Aid mixed in with tempera paint) for the cover
Here he is painting it today!The Inside…
Left & Right: Bible Verse Cards for each fruit
Middle, Top Left: our songbook, we learned a new song for each fruit and made them into a songbook
Middle, Bottom Left: Self-Control pouch, with candy wrappers to remind us to have self control!
Middle, Top Right: Pineapple Patience, a game we got from the unit
Middle, Bottom Left: a fruits Memory game we played almost every day.**edited to add, I moved things around and added this mini-book that I found after we were all done!

Fall Time ~ Lapbook

It’s finished! We were finally able to do our leaf rubbings for the cover today, it has been raining here for days and the leaves were too wet! God brought us some sun and dry leaves today! P really had fun with this one, more than I thought he would. He seems to enjoy learning about seasonal things right now.

The Cover…The Inside…
Top Left: My Leaf Color Book (to practice writing/spelling color words)
Middle Left: Leaf Counting (basic addition and counting)
Bottom Left: Fall Spelling
Middle Top: Autumn Maze (he LOVES mazes)
Middle Bottom: Fall Is mini book
Top Left: Leaf Matching Cards {link no longer available, it was from Hands of a Child}
Left Middle: Autumn Crossword
Bottom Middle: Left/Right (I cut up a worksheet to make a mini book)The Back…
Scarecrow stationary from this book.
He dictated a story about a scarecrow to me. He enjoyed this since I usually have him write the stories. He tells very creative stories and I like to give him this opportunity to keep his creativity going!

In the Works ~ Volcano Lapbook

We are starting P’s volcano lapbook next week, he is THRILLED, I am OK with it. This is entirely his idea…he’s been asking to learn about volcanoes for months now! Here are the resources I have printed out for his lapbook…
Volcano Poetry Form
Volcano Fact Cards
Volcano Shape Book
Label the Volcano (Enchanted Learning)
Stages of a Volcano (Hands of a Child Sample)
Color By Number
and I broke down and purchased this, from A to Z Teacher Stuff. I really needed it and am glad I bought it. My son is really into this whole volcano thing and I am really trying to be! I need to learn and almost everything I found was not for his age (5 1/2). This download has many activities that are appropriate for him and it is also teaching me what I need to know to teach him! Photos will be posted as we begin!!!