Archives for June 2007

Ants ~ Lapbook

The Inside:
Top Left: God Created Ants
Bottom Left: Things I Can Remember To Do
Top Middle: Ant Life Cycle (Enchanted Learning)
Bottom Middle: Ant Chant pocket holding memory game cards
Top Right: Ant Facts flap book
Bottom Right: Wise Ants mini book
I got most of my ant items from Danielle’s Place Ant Unit

The back: Bible verse copy work

Bugs ~ Lapbook

We kicked off our unit on “bugs” with a general bug lapbook. P chose the unit study himself. I personally wanted to do flowers, gardening, oceans: not bugs…this was ALL his idea! He loved making his very 1st lapbook about a topic he chose himself! The inside…
Top Left: Easy Reader “Bugs”
Bottom Left: Bug Facts
Middle Top: 3 parts of an insect
Middle Bottom: Mini Book “The Ants go Marching”
Right: Bug Hunt Photos Flap Book

He wrote the name of each bug we found and dictated a sentence to me telling where we found it and what it was doing.
The back, he wrote a sentence using _ug words.